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View of the pepper tree

Early Autumn is the best time of the year in South Australia. Sunny days in the mid to high 20’s, clear sky’s and gentle breezes day after day  – so perfect it feels like there’s no weather at all. And what better way to enjoy it than to lunch outside under the shade of a pepper tree with valley views.

Pindarie is a new find for us. A cellar door set in farmland in the Barossa with a ‘sustainable mix of sheep, cropping and vines’. The cellar door is in a restored grain room next to original stables. The photos on their website do justice to the views.

Verandah at Pindarie

Pindarie Cellar door tasting room

Shelf of Pindarie wines

Fireplace at Pindarie

The day was gorgeous and the company lovely (Mum and Dad, my partner and daughter). The Graziers Platter we shared was outstanding made up with very local produce including a Grana Padano and a washed rind cheese (Barossa Valley Cheese Company) which were a great combination. The prosciutto was fresh and soft and tasty (my Mum’s favourite) while I particularly enjoyed the sopressa. The platter was served with warm, freshly baked crusty bread (Apex Bakery), olive oil (from 100 year old wild trees on the property) and dukkah (Kurianda). A couple of glasses of the wine we tasted before lunch and we were set for several hours.

Graziers PlatterApex bread, Pindarie olive oil and Kurianda dukkah

close up of platter

close-up of cheeses on platter

Lola found some good company and some haystacks to play on too.

Lola playing on haystack

one of the views at Pindarie


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Open for just over 2 months, the Red Door Bakery in Croydon’s Queen Street precinct is pumping out fabulous bready/pastry goodness on a daily basis. Elvin, Lola and I went for the first time last Saturday and devoured an enormous lamb and eggplant sausage roll, a large slice of potato and rosemary pizza, a pan au chocolate and a praline scroll. Everything was really, really good. I’m pleased to report that the coffee was also good – we each had two cups. Elvin is a bit of a coffee nazi and he approved of their long black.

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Last week I discovered a fabulous Spanish gourmet deli-cum-cafe just up the road that’s been there since August last year – El Choto Fine Food Delicatessan. I’m amazed I hadn’t heard about it but not that surprised I hadn’t noticed it driving past. It has a modest little entrance with a muted sign tucked under a big old verandah in a strip of shops on Port Road in Hindmarsh (which is a very wide, very busy road). The last time I really looked, the place was a boutique children’s clothing shop. I nearly missed it this time too and had to double back, doing a U-turn across 4 lanes to get to it. It was worth it!

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My brother-in-law, Andrew, is leaving for Germany next week and is going for an indefinite time. A meal fit for a king was called for so we headed for Queen Street Cafe in Croydon (just Google it for the contact details – no website).

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I must post about the sublime, succulent, chickeny goodness that is my Polish friend Kasia’s roast chook. She is a great cook and does lots of exotic cooking and fabulous feasts but IMO her signature dish is her roast chicken. I don’t ever bother to do roast chook because when I really feel the need I pester her until she does this one for me (aren’t I lucky?).

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Cotto – the best coffee hands down

OK this is a big call I know but IMO the very best coffee in Adelaide is from Cotto Patisserie Espresso Bar. There, I’ve said it. If I ever get an audience for this blog I can only imagine the fights this assertion could start 🙂

Cotto just happens to be my local cafe but I truly don’t believe I’m biased as I’ll hoof it far and wide for a good coffee. Their coffee is superb – every time. I’ve just come home from a quick lunch there with E (both wagging it for a couple of hours this afternoon) and felt moved to praise.

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